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J. Bates (Worthing)

M. Borg (Msida)

P. Carling (Boston)

J.A. Child (Coventry)

B. Cooper (Bangkok)

G.D. Corcoran (Cork)

S.J. Dancer (Glasgow)

S. Dawson (Swindon)

S. Goldenberg (London)

A. Guyot (Dortmund)

P.N. Hoffman (London)

T. Inkster (Glasgow)

P. Jumaa (Birmingham)

C. Mackintosh (Wirral)

J. Otter (London)

A. Smith (Glasgow)

J. Stephenson (Surrey)

C. Tarrant (Leicester)

E.L. Teare (Chelmsford)

Editor in Chief

J. Gray (Birmingham)

The Official Journal of the Healthcare Infection Society

A. Holmes (London)

P. Jenks (Plymouth)

G. Kampf (Hamburg)

M. Morgan (Exeter)

B. Newsom (Cambridge)

N. Saunders (London)

M. Wilcox (Leeds)

Editorial Coordinator

N. Atherton

Editorial Office

162 King’s Cross Road, London WC1X 9DH. Tel: +44 (0)20 7125 0822. E-mail:

Head Office

162 King’s Cross Road, London, WC1X 9DH. Tel: +44 (0)20 7713 0273


G. L. French


E. Ridgway


P. Jenks


A. Colville

Editorial Advisory Board

Assistant Editors


B. Oppenheim (Birmingham)

Editor (Graham Ayliffe Fellow)

N. Mahida (Nottingham)